O/R Mapping Share Your Ideas for Code Camp

Frans, Alex and I are planning to meet up to discuss the content for the upcoming Code Camp. Frans will be hosting O/R mapping and Architecture, Alex LINQ and I will host the ADO.NET Orcas chalk & talk session. We think that having three chalk & talk sessions covering the architectural aspects, innovation in query API's and tooling for O/R mapping is quit unique, and see this as an opportunity for us to give you a clear picture where this technology stands today and is heading in the near future. For this purpose we want to align our sessions.

We need your input! Please tell us about any ideas that you may have for these sessions. What should the outline look like? What is a subject that should be covered? Thank you for your comments, and see you there!


  • Well, what guidance would be in order? Seems to me that all three topics discuss ways to have a business layer talk to persistent storage. Not directly but through the technology you'll be discussing.
    So, do we mix and mangle the various options, choose one path and try to fit every in it? And it's easy to give an answer like 'it depends', but on what then?
    With the new features Microsoft is adding to the framework, it's to be expected people get a bit lost by the various options available.

  • Noted, provide guidance on when to use what and why.

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