Refactoring is too darn fun.

Refactoring it too darn fun. Stop it!

I agree (see refactoring is not free) with the opinion that refactoring, under certain circumstances, is waste. Whether refactoring is a necessary waste depends on how likely it is that a particular piece of code will change in the future. Do not refactor code that will never change. You will never get a payback other than that it makes you feel good for a moment. You should refactor when you see the opportunity to diss fellow developers though ;)


  • In general I agree on this point. One should 'take the first bullet'. In other words, as soon as it is proven your code must change, prepare on that point for more changes.
    Gaining more experience causes us to dodge more bullets in advance. We should always be on the lookout though for needless complexity.

  • Agree.

    Refactor only when you know the code either will change, or it will be used intensively and current solutions is more or less akward (akward is person-level opinion ;) )

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