The Future of the Entity Framework

The data platform

These are the different scenarios the Entity Framework addresses or should address.


The following layers are the reference architecture used as a starting point for the EF.


Customer segmentations

V1 of EF didn't really address all personas and the team is now working on supporting the following different personas with tools and frameworks.ap3

New stuff

You still need meta data, but you don't need no more entity data model XML. For this you have to decorate your classes with attributes.

New stuff added respecting the different scenarios and customer segmentations.

If you really don't care about the model you can work without it. You still need to describe your meta-data.

The demo shows persistence ignorance, code only no XML.

Model first approach is supported. You can now generate the DDL from the entity data model. Forward only at the moment. So when you update the database from the model it's blow away your existing database.

The demo shows lazy loading. Nice!

It also shows model defined functions (think FullName()). User defined functions can also be declared in the entity data model XML.

Database expressions using the available meta data from the entity data model.

DbExpression expression = context.EntitySet("Categories").Scan();
                                       where c.Property("Name").Equals("Dennis");
                                       select c;

DbDataReader reader = context.ExecuteQuery(expression);

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