The Future Operating System

Months ago I’ve been discussing this with attendees over at the PDC. Now it’s here, and no it’s not Windows 7. The future operating system gOS, a browser based cloud operating system. It boots a browser which is everything I need today.

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  • Do you really want to trust all your secure data to a shared computer(s) where all youe enemies and competitors have admin level access, Oh! I am sorry Mr Customer I am afraid we lost your credit card details due to allowing everyone in the world to share the same hardware, browser, OS and software over which we have no real control. M$ etc cannot even design a secure browser after 7 attempts let alone security on the scale required to have an open invitation for every nerd, hacker and pirate to all have a level playing field! M$ will just issue patches and denials, isn't this the same company that was sued for integrating the browser into the OS??
    I do not think this is anywhere near ready for enterprise, maybe in 20 years when fraudsters are shot on sight.

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