The project success equals the sum of all the parts

I was triggered by Dennis’s post “Why developers should not be happy with a project manager” in which he states. a team with different roles, there’s always the product manager and the program manager. These roles can never be filled by the same person. Putting it simple, the first role is there to make sure the customer gets what he wants. The second role is to make sure the team isn’t stressed out, can do their job, etc.

Dennis continues with..

People involved so far are also pretty anxious to use Scrum and some XP practices for this project, so we’ll see where this ends.

This reminded me of my own project experiences. Agile purists better stop reading ;) Looking back I can’t really say that applying more Agile methods gave perceptible better results. We did, however, spend more time thinking about the development process while applying Agile practices. During these times we strongly focussed on the sum of all the parts. I felt as if everyone in this big team had an equal share in the joint success.

Success equals the sum of all the parts.

Years ago I was very strong in advocating Agile over the Waterfall approach. Today I don’t care so much anymore which process is being applied as long as we all realize that success equals the sum of all the parts. My advice is to focus on the connection between your work and the work of others. Have great projects!


  • Hey Paul,

    This feels like kicking in open doors. Of course success equals the sum of all parts, otherwise one would say a project had succeeded because of him/herself. And I wouldn't dare say that! :)

    But when some parts are seriously broken, you tend to look for tools that help... well, kind of cover up the broken parts.

  • Paul, did you really send my comment to /dev/null?

  • No, seems that the comment admin is/was broken. I never moderate comments and rely 100% on the automatic spam filter.

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