Windows 7 Network Copy

Received my Thinkpad from Lenovo repairs earlier this week (vga output issue). A couple of minutes later the Windows 7 installer was running.

After all this time I assumed MS would have fixed my biggest gripe with Vista. Network copy performance. Rest assured... it's even slower in Windows 7.

update: Copying large (200 MB) files fails with the error "Make sure you are connected to the network and try again". It looks my Windows 7 adventure will be a short one.

update2: Updated the wireless network driver (this version) as suggested in the comments. Still not working, not even with Robocopy.

update3: Turned of autotuning with "netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled", don't forget to reboot. Fixed! Copying files over the networks is still sloooooooow.


  • don't have any problem here. have transfered many iso files w/ out problem. running on a gigabit network though.

  • Did you try updating the network device drivers?

  • That isn't all that is slow. Unziping files is also slow. Copying from one drive to another drive is also slower than XP, even those my Windows 7 installation is on 10k rpm drives and my XP is on 5400 rpm drives.

  • I had issues with the default network driver; after updating it to the one from the manufacturer all the problems went away.

  • Severe issues with network copy. Anything over 8 gigs eventually comes to a grinding halt forcing a manual reset of the machine, which on a machine with a RAID leads to even more problems. I absolutely love the OS so far, just some core functionality needs to get cleaned up. As a note though, copying from a Vista / Server 2008 machine or higher to Win 7 works perfect, but communicating with XP / 2003 / 2000 is where it bogs down.

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