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Wow, lots of posts from the PDC. Hope everyone is having fun and learning lots <insert jealous sigh here>.

Saw a post to a list of VS.NET Tips and Tricks and I thought I would add some that I have only recently learned and find useful.

1 or 2 are duplicated, hope you dont mind. :-)

VS.NET IDE Shortcuts

(Note: '+' indicates hold down together, ',' indicates subsequent key presses i.e press key, release, then press key)

Shift + Alt + Enter = Toggle Full Screen Mode.
Ctrl-M , Ctrl-M = Collapse current class to definition.
Ctrl-M, Ctrl-O = Collapse all code to definitions.
Ctrl-M, Ctrl-L = 'Un-collapse' all to full code.
Ctrl-R, Ctrl-R = Toggles wordwrap.
Ctrl-I = Incremental search eg. Hit Ctrl-I, then start typing search phrase, text will be highlighted and search for as you type phrase.
Ctrl + Shift + V = Toggle/cycle through code snippets in clipboard ring.
Ctrl + Shift + U = Make all selected text uppercase.



  • Hi, just thought I'd point out that you only have to press the CTRL key once, ie keep it pressed and press the other key combinations. So CTRL + M,M works for example. Also, Ctrl-M, Ctrl-M actually collapses only to a method definition if your cursor is inside the method body. To collapse to the class def, you have to place your cursor above all the method defs. Good stuff! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the clarification Senkwe. Glad you found it useful.

  • I can't thank you enough for the method collapsing shortcuts. I don't think I could count how many times I've gone up to the menu to look for the keyboard combination thinking, &quot;Maybe it will be here this time. Maybe I've only looked for it in VS 2002 and haven't looked in VS 2003 yet.&quot; It was never there. Thanks again!

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