New Site, "WS-Test", bits and pieces...

I have finally put up a personal site devoted to technical content, all of which is pretty much ASP.NET and Web Service related. It contains links to technical articles that I have written, tools and code samples that I have released into the community (for such things as DPAPI, Web Service compression among others... full source code incl, please visit my Downloads section for full details) and an area that is titled "WS-Test". No, its not yet another standard in the WS-* family, its simply an area that provides simple web services for accessing, verification of operation and educational purposes when coming to terms with web services, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and WSE2 (Web Service Enhancements).

While I was learning about web services, there were various samples, but not too many places to actually test against a working sample, without spending some time getting the sample itself working, which can be problematic, particularly when dealing with WSE/WSE2. I wanted to say, play with the client part of authentication first, then deal with the service part of that conversation separately. To that end, the site currently provides three simple web services:

Simple PING Test - the most basic of web services, accepting no arguments and returning a string containing UTC time.

SOA Simple PING Test - same as above, but follows the SOA principles of conversation by having the return type wrapped in a complex type. The the more code oriented among us, it means the response is returned as an object containing the return data. This concept is drawn upon from Christian Weyer's excellent examples and ideas on web services.

SOA Simple Ping Test with Username token for authentication - this has the same response has the SOA Ping test above, however it uses WSE2 and will only accept requests with the correct username/password combination. The message needs to be signed and encrypted with the Username token created using this username/password combination. It only accepts a username of 'pinguser' and a password of 'pingpassword'.

Further services will be added as in time to deal with various aspects of messaging, more authentication/authorisation techniques and whatever else people may request. Ofcourse, full source code is provided for each service, as well as a working consumer for the WSE2 PING based service.

Please visit the WS-Test area of my site for further details on all these services if you are interested.

There is not a huge amount of content there, nor will there ever be a comprehensive repository of all things technical, but more content will be added as time progresses, and hopefully you may find something useful there. - Portal Entry - Direct entry to the technical site.

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