Converting Videos (MP4) from my XDA Iis to other formats

Totally non .Net related information (rant) to follow....

I have been trying to locate a way to convert videos taken with my Pocket PC (XDA IIs) to something more useable that I can burn to VCD/SVCD/DVD. My pocket PC runs Windows Mobile 2003 and captures video in .MP4 (Mpeg4) fomat.

So far, I have been unable to successfully convert this into anything that I can burn to VCD and its really been frustrating. Sure, there are far better video recorders out there than an XDA IIs, but its something I always have with me, so quite often capture a couple of minutes of really valuable video of my kids on the unit, as I didn't have anything else to record it on at the time. You know, those moments that just happen and if you are lucky you have something around to record it on. I'd like to put all these little snippets of video onto VCD for viewing on the DVD and simply a form of backup.

Anyway, I have spent the last couple of days, searching, downloading, installing, trialling various bits of software that either claim to do the job, or even suggest that they might do it. The best I have been able to manage is to get  the video onto VCD, but no sound. I would have to assume that there are some commercial titles out there that should do the trick, but if the trial versions of most of the software out there is any indication, its all crap. As far as I can make out, the MP4 format itself is a real pain. It seems to be a container for many other formats and could include video/audio using a myriad of codecs. To say I am sick of searching, downloading and trying a multitude of codecs is an understatement. Even though lots of software claims to be able to do the MP4 format, many will not support the codec that is used for the sound component of the files generated by my XDA IIs.

So for now, I have given up. If you know of any software that does the trick I would *love* to hear about it. If you feel like doing the same with Windows Mobile 2003 MP4 videos, beware and prepare for lots of time wasting, and frustration.

P.S. Yes I can burn the MP4 files to a data CD/DVD but I wanted to make a VCD for my mum who only has a DVD player, and certainly has no concept of installing the correct codecs on a PC to view them. Its hard enough turning it on AND THEN pressing play....


  • Thanks for the suggestions Frank. I am going to go check out Windows Movie Maker now.

    I knew about Photo Story 3, but its only for photos, and wanted to convert my existing videos. Photo Story is pretty cool though.

  • Well I tried Movie Maker and it doesn't like the MP4 file type. It wont import the video. I installed the codec that allows Windows Media player to play this file but Movie maker still wont import it.


  • As an extra update, if I change the capture mode on my XDA Iis to Motion Jpeg (AVI), then I can import and work with the video, but on a 1 Gb expansion card, I only get about 1h 45min worth of video compared to 8 hours worth of video using MP4, and the video quality does not appear as good as MP4.

    At any rate, I still have a bunch of MP4 files to convert so I am still working on it.

    BTW, Windows Movie maker is great fun....

  • Paul,

    I am having the exact same problem. Any luck?


  • try to download mpegable X4 live v2.2 there u can convert any video file format to mp4 or 3gp that u can play in your xda IIs. i've tried it and it works!

  • Hi i am having the same trouble if you figure out how to do it could u plz email me thanks natalie.

  • If you find the solution, pleaaaaaaasee tell me


  • I banged my head against this problem a while ago. The best I could find was using a free thing called (I think) 'AVImuxGUI'. It takes a bit of effort to figure out how it works .. The other problem is that the sound portion of the resulting files tended to drift apart from the video (i.e it lagged behind or went too fast). It would be okay for short videos of a couple of minutes though..

    But the real answer , I'm afraid , is to give up on the XDA and get a 'proper' video camera..


  • Adobe Premiere Elements works fine with mp4 files (if you have QuickTime installed also). Expensive, yes, but you can easily edit mp4 files, both the video and audio tracks, and save into wmv files if you want.

  • Just to let you know i had this same problem, tried about 3 different softwares to get this working, and half of them lost the sound.. but ImTOO worked perfectly and did it sooooo quickly!!!!

  • Happybrick came up with the goods. Download those and then you can edit avi files using Movie Maker.

  • I bought a Sony mp3 player NWZ-A816, it displayed video capabilitys, and even came with a sample trailer video. However when I tried to download a video I found nothing but frustration trying to get one to the other. Trying to get ahold of anybody to complain to at Sony is fruitless and a waste of time. I was told I had to buy the converter from whatever format the video is in to the MPEG4 of mp4. Had I know I would have to buy additional software, I never would have, ***K Sony!

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