Source control and Continuous Integration

I have finally got around to installing SubVersion source control system and also installing CruiseControl.NET for continuous integration. I definitely like SubVersion but being a long time VSS user, it does take a little time to get the hang of. What I will say is that without the graphical tools that are TortoiseSVN (for windows explorer/shell integration) and AnkhSVN (VS.NET integration), then I would have ditched it very early. I am a lazy beast, and without the GUI add-ons, I don't think I would have had the time and patience to learn all the commands that go with administering it.

At any rate, it looks very cool, and CruiseControl.NET is a great product, if continuous integration is your thing. I know some people have thought it not a good idea, as it means development conditions ad/or practices have gone bad, but in large orgs, and even in small teams, things can easily go bad, so its great to know that such a tool is available, and whats more, its free. Kudos to ThoughtWorks for releasing it.

As a side note, Garret Smith did an excellent presetation at the Sydney Deep .Net user group on CruiseControl.NET. Thanks Garret.


  • I guess there are a few bugs in Ankhsvn - if you try to rename a file from within the Solution Explorer - the file seem to disappear. The same at your side?

  • I haven't seen that issue yet, but to be honest, I haven't used the VS.NET integration very much. I installed Subversion, and both the GUI tools (Tortoise and AnkhSVN) but only verified that AnkhSVN works with VS.NET 2003. I am currently doing a lot of work in VS.NET 2005 in which the AnkhSVN add-on does not work, so I have mostly been using source control via the Windows explorer shell.

  • Yeah, guess we have to stick with Hatteras until further notice :-) Should be good enough, though - with Beta 2 out

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