ASP.NET Podcast - Show #12: Interview with Greg Low.

The latest ASP.NET Podcast is out. This one I do the whole introduction, as well as interview and give Wally a bit of a break. Hopefully you like it. As usual we welcome all feedback.



  • Me playing with sound effects
  • Greg Low Interview (Greg does the Sql DownUnder Podcast).
    • SQL Server from an ASP.NET perspective.
    • A little about the History of Greg Low and of SQL Server itself
    • CLR Hosting, the good and the bad.
    • SQLCacheInvalidation in SQL 2005 and in SQL 2000.
    • XML Support in SQL 2005 and its performance improvements
    • SQL Server 2005 Management Studio. Love it or hate it?
    • Mirroring support in SQL 2005
    • The future of SQL Server beyond 2005


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