Cool Atlas Server Control

I have been running through the Atlas hands on labs provided by Microsoft lately and really sinking my teeth into Atlas. In a previous post, I showed some of the declarative syntax that Atlas uses and how I thought it was kinda similar to Indigo. Nikhil Kothari commented that its actually much closer to Avalon and XAML bindings which obviously makes a lot more sense, given they are both technologies targetted at the user interface.

As I was running through the labs and samples for Atlas, I noticed an interesting little server control. See the image below:

An Atlas server control for a Virtual Earth Map! Now this looks like it will be a cool control to play around with. I'll post up some details when (if ;-) I get something working with it.

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  • I also noticed the similarity with XAML too after going through some of the samples.

    Have a look at those Microsoft Gadgets and how they can be done using Atlas or XAML. The similarities probably make this mixing of two types of "gadgets" on the "Windows Sidebar" easier.

    Atlas is really cool nonetheless. I wonder if the new Web Tool (that is part of the Expression Suite) does Atlas stuff natively. My guess is probably not.

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