ASP.NET Podcast Show #28 - Async ASP.NET

The latest podcast, this time, I actually do something....

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Scott Allen @  Scott says that he needs more Wally in his life, Oh dear....

Threading and Multi-threaded applications

  • Application.DoEvents()
  • System.Threading.Thread
  • Delegates
  • Thread/Multi-threaded apps

Aynchronous Pages in ASP.NET V2.0

  • Standard Async Page using 'Async="true"', Page.AddOnPreRenderCompleteAsync method
  • Async Pages and Async Tasks (RegisterAsyncTask)
  • Impersonation, Culture, HttpContext flow

URL For Jeff Prosise Article is:

Glavs view on working on the AJAX book
Keeping up with Wally

Its that week again, sorry Kirk.
Check out Show #85 of Digital Pontification at starting at approximately minute 18:30.

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