Setting up a custom user account to run ASP.NET V2.0

Most people are probably aware of the "aspnet_regiis" utility that exists in the "C:\WINDOWS\MICROSOFT.NET\FRAMEWORK\{versionNumber}\aspnet_regiis.exe" location. In ASP.NET V2.0, that utility has been enhanced to include a "-ga" switch (among other things). This switch will grant a specified user or group access to the IIS metabase and other directories used by ASP.NET. It does things that you previously had to do my hand like assigning the user to the IIS_WPG group, and other rights assignments. So you would use it like:

aspnet_regiis -ga DOMAIN\DomainUser

and thats it. Its pretty neat and saves a bit of time and mucking about as I found out just the other day.

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