New Web Site, Personal Web Site Starter Kit, MVP Award

I had a few days of easy going in between chapters so I thought I'd catch up on some things I had been putting off. I had upgraded a majority of my old site to V2.0 a little while ago but had yet to put the final touches on. You can see it at . Its based on the Personal Web Site Starter kit ( that is freely available. You simply install it, and have these ultra functional web site templates ready to customise. I'll be posting a full review, with some pain points in an upcoming ASP.NET Podcast  ( soon so look out for it.

Its basically a customised version, with all the old content migrated over to this new slicker looking site. It is ripe for a lot of extra functionality to be added but I wanted to get this "core" site up first. It makes extensive use of the membership, roles, themes and masterpages features of ASP.NET V2 and a whole lot more. Generally I am pretty impressed with the starter kit. There are more available at the link above so check em out.

On a personal note, I was notified that I got re-awarded my MVP status in ASP.NET today which is pretty cool.


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