So AJAX ASP.NET Beta 2 is released. If you are using the AJAX Control toolkit, you will want to grab the latest release set so that it works properly with Beta 2, otherwise, as soon as you install Beta 2, the toolkit will break.

Hint: The current release branch of the toolkit works with Beta 2, but if you hold off a little bit, the dev branch will soon be migrated properly and will also be working with beta 2. If you’re only interested in the Release branch and getting current apps using the toolkit controls, then the latest release branch will be fine.

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  • Hi,

    I am using a web based application (on .net)which carries alink to a .doc file. On my laptop windows xp and word 2003 is installed. When I am clicking the above link i should be getting the word doc. opened in the same window, but on my laptop its just opening and closing in a flash. The same when checked in Windows NT (with word 2003) its not opening in some of the pcs. but on other pcs with same OS and word version its opening..

    I have already checked the settings in folder option in explorer (Advance settings), Its still not working..

    Can you please help or send me some tips...

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