JavaScript intellisense and falling behind

Dont know if this has been blogged about before, and franky dont really care. If its a duplicate, I am sure will live with it.

Found a cool, free tool called Aptana ( ) (courtesy of Joseph Cooney who has more info on the tool. Thanx JC.) that provides intellisense for JavaScript (among other things). Its a Java thing though, so if your religion prevents you from using itm be warned. Its free, and its open source. It has some quirks, but it's still pretty cool.

I have been using it fromwith VS.NET. Mind you, don t set it as your default script editor as it will not play nicely with JavaScript debugging. if anybody has a similar tool or recommendation, I'd love to hear it.

Been pretty slack lately. Busy writing another book, spending time with the family, and letting my blog reading fall behind. I only have 449 unread blog emails in my blog folder in Outlook. I'll get round to them soon.....


  • Alexei,

    You can right click on a file within VS.NET solution explorer and choose "Open With..." and select from a list of apps to open your file with and/or set a default app. You can also add other apps (such as Apptana) from there.

  • so in other words you don't use it in visual studio.

  • I have been working with Microsoft's new library for some time, and have been looking for a decent Javascript editor with intellisense and knowlegde of Object Oriented Programming in Javascript and did not manage to locate one.

    your link was DYNAMITE!!!!

    the window on the left , that allows one to add any codeassist files they wish is golden!

    It works with Microsofts client files. (which are husge - over 120KB files)

    thank thank you thank you.

    mick AT

  • When i make a window object in VS2005 using javascript it does not show ShowModalDialog
    method after dot .

    i intall IE7 on windows 2003 server.

    repair VS 2005 but it not work.

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