Photsynth demo - ready for you to try

I have seen an application called Photsynth talked about and demo’ed in various ways in the past few months, but now there is a way you can play with it yourself.


Go to here ( and give it a whirl. Its uber cool.

The only thing I don’t like at this point is the need to install an ActiveX component, and the page lists that this needs to be done using admin privileges. Fair enough I guess, the functionality demands it for now, but imagine a malicious web site (that also looks uber cool) saying it needs some Admin access to install Uber component XYZ, so don’t be alarmed by the alerts/popups, just go ahead and do it. There goes your security....


Anyway, in this case, its all good, and worth the look. If your wondering exactly what it is... see this excerpt from the teams blog post:

It is a very unique means of interacting with a series of photographs all taken near the same location. Photsynth analyzes the collection of photos, determines their commonality, then magically allows the viewer to walk through the images in a 3 dimensional representation.

We've assembled a few collections for you to play with, and we're working on adding more. In the future you'll be able to "photosynthesize" your own photos, but we aren't there yet



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