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  • I got tagged - right back at ya....

    So Wally has tagged me and now I must reveal 5 of my most inner deep dark secrets, well 5 things you didn’t know at least. I’ll let you decide which ones are my deep dark ones.


    1.       Many years ago, I used to be in a breakdancing team called the “South American Breakers” (no, I am not south American) and we performed for the Miss Australia quest, club openings, and won a westfields break competition.

    2.       I broke my nose for the first time doing point number 1 above.

    3.       I didn’t go to Uni and dropped out of computer classes in high school because it was so boring, and the teacher was unbearable.

    4.       I am a 4th degree black belt in Budo Jitsu Close Quarter Combat.

    5.       I was employed for a while as a commercial investigator and attended Tafe while studying to be a private and commercial investigator. I served summons for a while and other commercial investigation activities until I determined there is no money in it and everyone you deal with tends to dislike you.


    So who to tag next .... hmmm .. let me see  (I hope they haven’t been tagged yet):

    Joseph Cooney, Troy Magennis, Nick Wienholt, Ken Schaefer and Daniel Crowley-Wilson.