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  • Xmas gift

    A lot of people donate to charities and have their preferred way of trying to make a difference. One of the ways I try and do so is via WorldVision. We have been sponsoring a child for about the last 5 years and have found it a very rewarding experience. Its great to see the progress they are making and be able to swap letters and find out all about their life and culture.


    Given that Christmas is fast approaching, there is usually extra incentive to purchase that little bit extra to make this period a little better for those in a less fortunate position than ourselves. This year I have chosen to buy a goat for a community in Myanmar and Africa. You can do things like buying a yak, sponsoring Eye surgery in Zambia, buying a cow, school supplies, immunisation and a myriad of other much needed items. If you don’t sponsor a child (and I would encourage you to do so), perhaps you can increase your karma this Christmas and think about purchasing one of these gifts for someone who desperately needs it.