TechEd Done and the Atlas mashup demo

TechEd in Australia is done for another year. Boy am I tired after all that. Satisfied but tired. Tatham Oddie and myself did a presentation on how to build an Atlas mashup using some local aussie content. It was the last session on the last day and went pretty well I think.

You can have a look at the mashup we built here ( ). It currently allows you to locate almost every user group in Australia or New Zealand by either panning around the map, or by using the text search functionality. Pressing search with no search criteria will list all the usergroups we have in the database. There are not a lot in the Aus/NZ region currently.

Clicking on a search result will cause the map to pan over to the area where that user group is located.

Each usergroup is highlighted using pushpins on the map. Hovering over a pushpin will display a popup with the usergroups web address and an 'Add To Live' button. Clicking on the 'Add to Live' button will cause the details of that usergroup to be added to your Windows Live account as a gadget. The gadget displays the usergroup venue details as well as details of the next meeting if an RSS feed is available for the usergroup.

The full source code for the mashup used in the presentation can be downloaded here.

Also, if you just want to look at the services that were used for managing the user group data and which are publicly, they can be used from

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