Wally does Devlink

Update: I previously posted that this was Devlab, and it is infact Devlink. Wally pointed this out to me just this morning and apparently this post came not long after Wally's post so it looked like I was doing a double promo. I didn't realise he had posted just before me and I thought I was doing him a favour. Thats what you guess for just trying to be nice I guess..... and since I am not in the habit of removing posts, I am sure the blogging community will happily ignore my post anyway so I dont think its too drastic. If it is, then send your feedback to someonewhocares@limbo.com


Wally McClure is speaking at the DevLink conference that is on Friday Ocober 13 in nashville. The web site for the conference is http://www.devlink.net/. It is no cost for attendees. It will be a great opportunity to meet and network with other developers. Wally will be doing a talk on the Microsoft AJAX Libraries (formerly codenamed Atlas) and Sql Server CLR Objects in Sql server 2005. You will want to make time to attend this as there are many nationally recognized speakers that will be there.

If you need more Wally in your life (and he keeps telling me I do) and are anywhere near Nashville, now you can go can get more....


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