Animated SiteMap Ajax Control

Today, I finally released on Codeplex a control that I had been working on over a year ago, called the Animated SIteMap Control. Its an AJAX Control toolkit control and it has been prototype form for a very long time now.

I had planned on releasing it into the AJAX Control toolkit but I got sidetracked and haven’t touched this in over a year. It works fine and probably needs a little refinement but has configurable animation speeds, full support for CSS styling and various other options.

Basically, it creates an ‘exploding’ like circular animation of the nodes defined in your web.sitemap file. You can drill down into nodes that have subnodes, or step back from the selected node, and the nodes of the same level are all animated in a circular fashion around the main or home node.

You can view a very small and brief example of this here: Feel free to download it and use it if you like it. Hopefully, you may get the time to contribute to it and make it better. I know my time is short and I just didn’t want to waste it. Perhaps even a jQuery port might come of it.

At any rate, if you end up using it, changing it or whatever, I would love to know. Hope you like it.


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