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TechEd2003 Brisbane - The Final Day
Wednesday, August 13, 2003 1:27 PM

Final day of the TechEd conference and I still haven't won an XBox game pack yet or an XBox bag from filling in my eval forms. Oh well...

Attended Marcie Robillards (aka DatagridGirl) presentation yesterday which went very well. She is a great speaker, knows her content well and keeps it lighthearted too which was good. I picked up many handy tips. Well done Marcie.

It was also good to finally meet some people I had only ever chatted to online in particular, Marcie, Ken Schaefer and Thomas Johansen (hope I spelt that right :). It was excellent putting faces to people who I had only ever “typed” to, its amazing how wrong your own expectations of how someone will look when you finally meet them ;-) (Those guys all made me feel very old....:(

Final set of sessions today, I have just completed the Advanced ADO.NET and Securing ASP.NET applications which were both very good and I learned a couple of useful tricks to impress my colleagues when I return to work. My final session is the .Net Reference building blocks by DotNetDan which should be good. Being the last presentation of the whole of TechEd means he has a hard job on his hands but I am sure he will do great. Well I am off to check the video screens to see if I have won a prize yet .. ;-)

TechEd - Day after the Party
Tuesday, August 12, 2003 1:35 PM

TechEd party was pretty cool. It was hosted at a nightclub, complete with a girl spinning around the room on a piece of cloth, guys in painfully small silver shorts performing balance and strength acts, girl in a highly reflective suit bouncing lasers all over the place, the “Sandman” as guest speaker, a star wars theme thrown in... what more could a bunch of Techo's ask for.

Attended a presentation by Steve Riley on Internet Security Best Practices: 20 Tips which I found excellent. He is a great speaker and I learned more tips from that talk than in the last 6 months of searching and reading various publications, web sites etc.

Tim Walters mentioned that some of the more technical presentations, weren't really as in depth as originally indicated, which I tend to agree with in most cases, but I have personally found almost all of the sessions very informative, in particular the Internet Security mentioned above. The ASp.NET server controls preso by Tony Goodhew was extremely technical and I think you would have enjoyed that Tim, there was code everywhere ;-). I'll keep an eye out for you Tim and hopefully we can catch up at TechEd.

Well off to my next session.....

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TechEd 2003 Brisbane - Australia
Monday, August 11, 2003 7:21 PM

Haven't blogged for a while but am happy to say that I am writing this after the first day of sessions here at TechEd 2003 in Brisbane, Australia. Weather is good and the sessions have been really good so far. Got in a bit late on Sunday and didn't get a chance to do much except register and hang around for a small while.

This is my first TechEd ever and I have to say I am impressed. Microsoft usually puts on a “good spread” and this is no exception. I have seen a few people I know but am hoping to meet some more and catch up with others I haven't had a chance to talk to yet. Hey Marcie, keep a lookout for a bald guy playing with his flip out mobile phone, I'd love to catch up with you while you are on Oz.

I am off to the TechEd party now which should be really interesting....

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