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  • Web Service Compression

    I have recently uploaded my WSCompression library which compresses web service/SOAP calls. It contains full source code, examples and VS.NET project file. No licencing mumbo jumbo so you can do as you will. Reason I uploaded it, is I mentioned it on the ASPAdvice email lists a little while ago and it generated quite a bit more interest than I had anticipated. So for all those interested, you can grab this library here. To use, just apply the [WSCompression(CompressionLevels.High)] attribute on both web service client/proxy and the service itself, and you are away.

  • My XBox rant

    Saw a post from Cameron Reilly about why modding Xbox hurts everyone and it made me think about my own Xbox woes. Not that too many people care, but I thought I'd whinge about it anyway.