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  • Testing Application Block

    I grabbed this from the newsgroups :-

    Microsoft patterns and practices test team is currently working on developing guidance focusing on testing .NET Application Blocks. We hope this guide will help testers and developers in testing their applications' customized/integrated blocks. The guide's draft chapters have been made available for download so its possible for others to provide feedback.

    Please share this message with your test teams.
    To view the draft chapters, please download them at the Releases section of

    The available draft chapters cover:
    - Testing Tools
    - Testing Methodologies
    - Design Review of a .NET Application Block
    - Code Review of a .NET Application Block
    - Functionality Testing of a .NET Application Block
    - Globalization Testing Of A .NET Application Block
    - Performance Testing Of A .NET Application Block
    - Unit testing
    - Integration Testing


  • Your Number 1 Feature in .Net 2.0

    I attended the Sydney Deep .Net User group meeting last wednessday night and Chuck Sterling of Microsoft (see “Ask Chuck“ column on ZDNet) asked me what my favourite feature in .Net 2.o was. It got me to thinking about what others thought on the subject. So here is an informal poll. Let me know what your absolute favourite feature is in .Net 2.0, and I'll post the results in about a weeks time. You dont have to explain why, (ofcourse you can and that will help me qualify the results) but at least let me know what the most important/favourite feature in .Net 2.0 is for you.


    We have operators standing by ....