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Oz TechEd 1 week away...
Tuesday, July 27, 2004 11:09 PM

TechEd is only 1 week away here in Australia and we will finally get to experience what the US and Europe have already experienced. If you are coming to TechEd here in Oz, I'll be at the MVP stand or in the Hands on Labs and would be great to chat with others in the community.

It will be a great event and I really look forward to some meaty technical sessions (not to mention the TechEd party ... ;-) I am especially looking forward to some of the Team Studio presentations as I am sure many others are.

To those coming who are unfamiliar with Canberra weather... bring something warm...coz its gonna get cold...

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.Net 2.0 Fav feature results
Wednesday, July 7, 2004 10:02 PM

About 2 weeks ago I asked what your favourite .Net 2.0 feature is. The post is here. Well there has been a huge number of responses compared to my usual posts (ie. this means there has been more than 3 comments ;-) ). In actual fact there is about 8 responses so I would hardly say its a conclusive examination of industry opinion, but its at least conclusive evidence that people have opinions ... :-)

Anyway, here are the results in order :-

1. Generics (3 votes)
2. Provider Model (2 votes)
3. Refactoring support. (1 vote) / New Hosting Interfaces (1 vote) (Nick, care to elaborate on that...?) / Object databinding (1 vote)

Sure, not many people have responded, but its interesting to note that generics seem to be a key benefit. While the benefits of generics are pretty clear, for me its a combination of all the new UI controls (and associated flexibility with them like the templating features and Smart Tags), as well as the provider model support as I like to be able to extend things like session storage to meet our company policies and requirements, and this is a lot messier/harder/more work with the current version (Note: Not impossible, just not as easily extendible and supported).


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