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Atlas Mashup Contest - We have a winner!
Friday, September 29, 2006 12:03 PM

Alessandro Gallo, better known in the Atlas (sorry AJAX Library/Extensions) community as Garbin, has justifiably won the mashup contest hosted over on the ASP.NET Atlas site.

Garbin is a really smart guy who knows a hell of a lot about Atlas/AJAX Library and is a recent contributor to the Atlas control toolkit. He is also a regular contributor and part runner (I think?) of the DotNetSlackers site which is where the mashup is hosted.

I encourage you to check out hisGeoTagIt!! application. He provides full source code as well.


More info:

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Beginning AJAX with ASP.NET Book competition
Wednesday, September 20, 2006 11:16 PM

Wanna free copy of our book, "Beginning AJAX in ASP.NET". Then head over and check out the competition currently underway on Long Zheng's blog.

Ajax with ASP.NET

2 copies to give away.

Go on.... you know you want to.

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JavaScript intellisense and falling behind
Monday, September 18, 2006 10:52 PM

Dont know if this has been blogged about before, and franky dont really care. If its a duplicate, I am sure will live with it.

Found a cool, free tool called Aptana ( ) (courtesy of Joseph Cooney who has more info on the tool. Thanx JC.) that provides intellisense for JavaScript (among other things). Its a Java thing though, so if your religion prevents you from using itm be warned. Its free, and its open source. It has some quirks, but it's still pretty cool.

I have been using it fromwith VS.NET. Mind you, don t set it as your default script editor as it will not play nicely with JavaScript debugging. if anybody has a similar tool or recommendation, I'd love to hear it.

Been pretty slack lately. Busy writing another book, spending time with the family, and letting my blog reading fall behind. I only have 449 unread blog emails in my blog folder in Outlook. I'll get round to them soon.....

AJAX Book, Atlas Book, and the Atlas Control Toolkit.
Wednesday, September 6, 2006 11:58 PM

Its been a while since I have posted to my blog. Its been hectic with TechEd, work and family committments, but I am back again, at least for a while anyway.

As you have probably already seen over on Wally's blog, the "Beginning AJAX in ASP.NET" book has finally been released, and I was busy flogging those ... err.... promoting those at TechEd. By the way, if you are the student I met at TechEd who wanted a copy of the book to use for a give-away competition on your blog, please email me again as I lost your email, and dont know your name. Sorry... :(

Well one down, and another to go. I am again working on another book, this one is dedicated to Atlas and is creatively titled, "Beginning Atlas". Authors include Wally McClure, Steve Orr, Scott Cate, Craig Shoemaker and Steve Smith. Its only early days so it will be a little while before this one is published.

I have been slack and haven't made many changes/fixes to the PasswordStrength Extender that is part of the Atlas control toolkit on CodePlex. There are a couple of outstanding issues, but nothing major. Overall, feedback on the usage of that control has been quite good. Its good to see some more community involvement in the Control Toolkit project such as people like Garbin who are extremely knowledgeable on all things Atlas. There should be even more cool controls coming soon. Stay tuned....

New podcasts - David Silverlight and Codecamps
Wednesday, September 6, 2006 11:54 PM

Links to the Shows:

ASP.NET Podcast Show #71 - Code Countdown with David Silverlight


Show Notes:

ASP.NET Podcast Show #70 - Memphis and Jacksonville Code Camps


Show Notes:

  • Phil Winstanley.
  • Paul talked about Teched.
  • “Beginning Atlas” first draft chapter has been turned in. This is only the first chapter. Many more chapters are due.
  • Atlas with the Alternative Call Syntax and the Abort method.
    requestSimpleService = Quickstart.Samples.SimpleService.EchoString(
    P1 , // First webservice parameter
    P2, // Second webservice parameter
    { onMethodComplete:OnComplete, onMethodAborted:OnAborted}
  • Memphis CodeCamp.
  • Sign up for the Frappr Map and win a copy of “Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET.” Sign up between now and the end of September.
  • Jacksonville, FL – Audio problems occurred. My voice becomes out of phase the further along in the discussion. Sorry, but the problem seems to be in my audio recording program. The audio was all put on the same track so I could not do much editing
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