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  • Secure TextBox Updated

    There has been quite some interest in my SecureTextBox control that I developed. Basically it offers textual entry via a standard textbox, but uses the SecureString as its internal storage. Typically aimed at entering passwords and similar secure information on a windows form.


  • VS2005, Project files and Assembly References

    In a project I am working with, I was migrating some projects from V1.1 to V2.0 of .Net, compiling and building all very happily, until another developer grabbed the latest code from source safe and found that a bunch of assembly references were invalid and therefore the project could not build.


  • Wally does Devlink

    Update: I previously posted that this was Devlab, and it is infact Devlink. Wally pointed this out to me just this morning and apparently this post came not long after Wally's post so it looked like I was doing a double promo. I didn't realise he had posted just before me and I thought I was doing him a favour. Thats what you guess for just trying to be nice I guess..... and since I am not in the habit of removing posts, I am sure the blogging community will happily ignore my post anyway so I dont think its too drastic. If it is, then send your feedback to