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  • Xmas gift

    A lot of people donate to charities and have their preferred way of trying to make a difference. One of the ways I try and do so is via WorldVision. We have been sponsoring a child for about the last 5 years and have found it a very rewarding experience. Its great to see the progress they are making and be able to swap letters and find out all about their life and culture.


    Given that Christmas is fast approaching, there is usually extra incentive to purchase that little bit extra to make this period a little better for those in a less fortunate position than ourselves. This year I have chosen to buy a goat for a community in Myanmar and Africa. You can do things like buying a yak, sponsoring Eye surgery in Zambia, buying a cow, school supplies, immunisation and a myriad of other much needed items. If you don’t sponsor a child (and I would encourage you to do so), perhaps you can increase your karma this Christmas and think about purchasing one of these gifts for someone who desperately needs it.




  • ASP.NET Podcast - Scott Guthrie Interview

    Its been a little while between podcasts, but I finally got around to interviewing Scott Guthrie and have posted it for your listening pleasure.

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    Link to the podcast site:

    Scott was kind enough to let me have an hour of his time for the interview which I really appreciate as I know how busy he is. I covered a fairly broad topic range as you can tell from the show notes below.

    Show Notes

    - Atlas/ASP.NET AJAX - accessibility/control toolkit future plans

    - WPF/E - What and when? Flash Competition?

    - Windows Workflow

    - Windows Cardspace

    - Blinq, Script# - Microsoft thoughts on these products

    - Visual Studio SP1 - When?



  • Photsynth demo - ready for you to try

    I have seen an application called Photsynth talked about and demo’ed in various ways in the past few months, but now there is a way you can play with it yourself.


    Go to here ( and give it a whirl. Its uber cool.

    The only thing I don’t like at this point is the need to install an ActiveX component, and the page lists that this needs to be done using admin privileges. Fair enough I guess, the functionality demands it for now, but imagine a malicious web site (that also looks uber cool) saying it needs some Admin access to install Uber component XYZ, so don’t be alarmed by the alerts/popups, just go ahead and do it. There goes your security....


    Anyway, in this case, its all good, and worth the look. If your wondering exactly what it is... see this excerpt from the teams blog post:

    It is a very unique means of interacting with a series of photographs all taken near the same location. Photsynth analyzes the collection of photos, determines their commonality, then magically allows the viewer to walk through the images in a 3 dimensional representation.

    We've assembled a few collections for you to play with, and we're working on adding more. In the future you'll be able to "photosynthesize" your own photos, but we aren't there yet




  • The promised interview . . . .

    During TechEd2006 in Australia (held in August), I was supposed to interview Scott Guthrie but unfortunately it did not pan out (Scott was fully booked and a little ill at the time). I did get interviews with Jorke Odolphi, George Moore, and Eric Deily though.

    Well, the interview with Scott has been re-scheduled and will hopefully be occurring in the next 2 days, providing the interview gods smile upon me. If all goes well, expect a new ASP.NET podcast shortly thereafter.

    I currently have a broad list of questions to ask him, but if you have anything specific, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll post the question to him.




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  • Using blogmailr

    So Rob Howard has announced blogmailr, and I used it for the first time to do my last post. Its pretty cool as one of my most used clients is Outlook, and I can use it to blog which makes me happy. Although, being the lazy, forgetful person I am, I need to make things even easier.

    One of the things I often forget to do is put tags onto my blog posts and now that I am using blogmailr, I wanted an easy way to do this without having to actually remember to do it (yes, remembering is hard work).

    So, I set up a new mail account in Outlook (using the appropriate mail account defined in blogmailr), called it Glavs Blog, and set the signature to always be the set of default tags. That way, its in front of me and I can edit it if I choose. At worst, I’ll forget, but it will still contain tags for .Net and ASP.NET, my default set.




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  • ASP.NET AJAX Beta 2

    So AJAX ASP.NET Beta 2 is released. If you are using the AJAX Control toolkit, you will want to grab the latest release set so that it works properly with Beta 2, otherwise, as soon as you install Beta 2, the toolkit will break.

    Hint: The current release branch of the toolkit works with Beta 2, but if you hold off a little bit, the dev branch will soon be migrated properly and will also be working with beta 2. If you’re only interested in the Release branch and getting current apps using the toolkit controls, then the latest release branch will be fine.

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