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Some more JavaScript Intellisense issues in VS2008
Monday, September 24, 2007 4:10 PM

I was experiencing the issues described here where I was getting no colourisation of JavaScript and no Intellisense. I applied the fix mentioned in the post but it didn't work.

Turned out I was missing the file itself file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\Microsoft.JScript.AuthoringServices.dll and a complete search of the hard drive yielded nothing. Don't know where the file went as Intellisense used to work, but it simply wasn't there.

So I emailed the readify internal techlist and the file was delivered to my inbox shortly thereafter. Once I copied the file to its correct location, everything worked again.

Interestingly, another colleague mentioned that the file did not exist on their system either. I am running VS2008 in a virtual PC but don't know if that had anything to do with it.

Advanced Options Screen
Thursday, September 20, 2007 1:27 PM

Here is a screen shot of the only available options screen for my audio device on Vista. It just happens to be an "Advanced" options screen. Hate to see the simplified one....

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Obscure ASP.NET Problem - AJAX Control Toolkit, CollapsiblePanelExtender, Image controls pages loading more than once....
Sunday, September 9, 2007 10:05 PM

Had an issue on a current project where a page was being loaded twice for each request, although it was a little different for each browser. Under IE, this particular page was loaded, then the 'Default.aspx' page in the same directory was loaded. In Firefox, the same page was loaded twice. This was verified by simply placing breakpoints in the Page_Load events and watching it get hit twice, in addition to seeing this via the NET monitor in Firebug (the Firefox addin).

It was causing performance issues as well as weirdness regarding page state, as you can imagine. So in I went, thinking it should be relatively easy to debug. Turns out it was quite obscure and took more time than I had originally anticipated.


This page was using a CollapsiblePanelExtender from the AJAX Control toolkit to display a drop menu in the page. The CollapsiblePanelExtender had a declaration like the following:

<Some properties removed for brevity>

Note the use of the CollapsedImage and ExpandedImage properties. These tell the extender what images to display when the control is in a collapsed and expanded state. We also used the ImageControlID property to point to an <asp:Image control for the extender to manipulate with the respective images. Its declaration looked like this:

And therein was the cause of the problem! The page itself looked as though it worked fine. The CollapsiblePanelExtender changed the image accordingly and it looked good. However, the <asp:Image control did not originally have any ImageUrl property specified to an initial image (even though the CollapsiblePanelExtender was dynamically setting it). This rendered out to the page like this:

Now you see it right? The src="" part of the tag. This caused IE to make a request against the /WebDirectory/ and thus it was getting the default.aspx document in that directory. It caused Firefox to request exactly the same again. So 2 requests for the 1 page request. Obviously to solve it, we just specified the original image to be displayed as part of the image control like so:

Problem solved!

Now in general, it might be obvious that an <asp:Image control might render out this way, and cause such an issue but the fact that the CollapsiblePanelExtender was dynamically setting this, and making it look like it was working fine, really threw me. It took some creative debugging to drill down and find this particular issue out, which I may highlight in the next post.

RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007 - Part 2. Bye bye Outlook
Tuesday, September 4, 2007 11:08 PM

The other day, I posted about my issues with Outlook 2007 and its handling of my RSS feeds. I tried a number of things to fix it, the latest effort being to export all my feeds, delete all of them from Outlook, then re-import. Didn't work, dates were still all wrong.

I have to say I am very disappointed. I enjoyed the convenience of having my feeds in Outook, but it seems that the "Really Simple Syndication" (RSS) format, is not simple enough for Outlook and so it decides to mangle the dates. Its simple issues like this that I feel really detract from products and date handling is not a new thing.

At any rate, I gave up and have decided to give Jetbrains Omea reader a whirl. I looked at Google reader but it felt clunky and I don't like to online experience, even with the ability take it offline. I'd rather go offline from the start.

So far so good. Nice UI, good searching. NOW I have some catching up to do with all my missed blog posts.

RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007 not working
Saturday, September 1, 2007 3:14 PM

There have been many posts bemoaning the RSS support in Outlook 2007 and I generally agree, however the convenience of having it nicely searchable in Outlook 2007 is a massive bonus for so I have lived with all the other issues.

However, lately all my feeds have stopped updating. I looked at this post but all seemed ok on my system. All services running and registry as expected. I was using Darren Neimke's blog as part of my problem diagnosis and after much playing, I think I have found what is happening. It took me a little while as all the posts seemed to be in date order, but I was plainly missing some latest posts. Here is a view of what I am seeing.


Hopefully you can in the image that the latest post is 1st June 2007, then most other posts start at 31st January 2007 and go back fro there. Looking at the bottom of the list, I can see this:

You can see the last post in the list "A way to build .NET 3.5 Applications......" and its date is 01/01/2007. My auto-archive is set to delete items older than about a month so these get deleted. However, this entry *IS* the latest post.

This seems to be occurring on every single feed. Any suggestions as to why this is happening would be very welcome. Right now, I am exporting my feed list as an OPML and searching for another good reader. I have used RSS Bandit ad a few others which are good but dont satisfy my "searchability" and "convenience" requirements. ie. I'd like to use Vista desktop search to find what I want.

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