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Visual Studio 2008 - Install Problems and Solutions
Thursday, November 22, 2007 12:19 PM

Ok, maybe this has already been blogged about in various places, but I am going to list my steps that were required for me to get Visual Studio 2008 to install properly under Vista.

My previous situation was:

  • Had Installed VS2008 Release Candidate

I tried the following when I went to install VS2008 RTM:

  • Uninstalled VS2008 RC
    • Install of RTM failed.
  • Uninstalled Document Explorer and Web Authoring component.
    • Install of RTM failed
  • Uninstalled every other component that had 3.5 after its name
    • Install of RTM failed.

In all situations, it would fail shortly after beginning the VS2008 install step.

Now I finally got the install to work, so here are my steps that got it working:

  • Uninstall Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB110806)
  • Uninstall Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB930264)
  • Uninstall Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB929300)
  • Uninstall SQL Server Compact 3.5 components (there about 3 of them I think)
  • Uninstall .Net 3.5 Compact Framework components
  • Uninstall Document Explorer 2008
  • Uninstall Visual Studio Web Authoring Component
  • Uninstall Visual Studio 2008 (RC or Beta 2 - whichever you have)
  • Uninstall .Net framework 3.5 (can't remember which step I did this in, but I wanted a "clean" uninstall of everything remotely related to 3.5)
  • Restart your machine at the end of all the uninstalls. Note. You will have to restart in between hotfix uninstalls, or at least I did anyway.

Now you can start installing VS2008 RTM and all should be good.

Note: If you get a balloon prompt during the VS2008 install, asking if you want to restart your machine or Postpone it, make sure you Postpone it for a few hours until the install is complete. Then restart at the end of the install.

Thats it.  Hope that helps.

Update: I forgot to mention, thanks to Rick Strahl and Julie Lerman on the ASPInsiders tech lists that provided the info.

Liquid XML - The good juice
Monday, November 19, 2007 9:54 PM

I haven't used Liquid XML in some time and had forgotten how good value this little tool is. XML editing, instance document generation, schema validation and more, XPath query tool, all for free. The schema document visualisation is really strong too.

Awesome tool, and hats off to Liquid Technologies for making such an awesome tool available free to use. Thanks.

Go check it out at and have a look at the rest of their tools while you are there,

Outlook 2007 - Just fix it - My Rant
Sunday, November 4, 2007 5:30 PM

Warning: Rant to follow:

Ok, I know Outlook 2007 is a complicated piece of software. I know its gone through a whole series of revisions. Could I make a better piece of software? Well I'd like to think so, but the people at  Microsoft are smart people so it could be debatable.

What I do know?

Outlook 2007 is significantly less stable for me than Outlook 2003 ever was and I am sick of it. It complains of being "unresponsive" on a daily basis for me. I don't know what the change is that has caused this (perhaps a windows update?) but I guarantee that Outlook 2007 goes "unresponsive" at least once a day.

Damn its annoying. Outlook acts as the software hub for my my day. It holds my appointments, reminders, meetings, and pretty much my daily everything. Its imperative that this software is reliable. I don't care if no features are added, but I do care that the features that are in there are reliable. Please make it so. I need it that way.

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