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Sydney Architecture User Group – WPF Architecture
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 12:22 PM

Bit short notice for a blog post but eminent WPF expert Paul Stovell will be presenting on WPF Architecture at the Sydney Architecture User Group on thursday 25th February. (Full details here)

Here is the abstract:

.NET 4.0 will mark the fourth release of Windows Presentation Foundation, and the take up continues to rise as the platform matures. For architects, such a new technology means a new set of patterns, approaches and trade-offs that we need to understand when designing solutions. In this session, Paul will lead you on a guided tour of the WPF client application problem space. We will look at patterns for presentation, composition, navigation, and communication needs, as well as resource management, localization, and performance. We will also look at strategies for enforcing UI standards, maximising code leverage, and handling cross-cutting concerns. Bring questions!

Location and specific details are:

Title: Architecting solutions with Windows Presentation Foundation
Date/Time:Thursday 25/02/2010 06:00 PM
Where:Grace Hotel , Kiralee or Pinaroo Function Room77 York st,Sydney,NSW. 2000


Hope to see you there!

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