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Owin, Katana and getting started
Friday, April 5, 2013 9:19 AM
Introduction This article describes an emerging open source specification, referred to as Owin – An Open Web Interface for .Net , what it is, and how this might be beneficial to the .Net technology stack. It will also provide a brief, concise look at how to get started with Owin and related technologies. In my initial investigations with Owin and how to play... Read More...
Converting from Webforms view engine to Razor–Some Tips
Monday, June 6, 2011 9:16 AM
Recently, I have had to perform a lot of conversion in an MVC application from using the webforms view engine to the Razor view engine. I say “had to” but we didn’t really have to, more wanted to. We wanted the cleaner syntax that razor allows. Since we were going to embark on a bunch of new features involving new pages, we wanted to do this conversion earlier... Read More...
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Entity Framework and the PreApplicationStartMethod attribute
Friday, May 6, 2011 2:09 PM
Recently, while implementing an EntityFramework data model into a new application, I thought I’d add some caching functionality early, to establish a framework going forward. I added the DBML (generated from a database), and added in my funky caching layer (which will be distributed as a Nuget package soon) that allows caching to be configurable switching between... Read More...
My Mix11 Proposal
Thursday, January 27, 2011 6:51 AM
I only submitted one session for consideration to present at Mix this year. Unfortunately it was not shortlisted and is consequently not open to voting currently on the site. However, I thought I might post it here to gain some feedback from others as to how I might refine or change it. Maybe it is just something people are not interested in and I have taken... Read More...
ScriptHelper–For MVC and WebForms projects
Thursday, November 18, 2010 4:38 PM
This issue might seem minor but I always forget the names (exact naming) or number of script files I need to get some features working in MVC or Webforms. In addition, in my applications that require a specific client side feature, I might need a series of dependent scripts to make it work. Failing to include all of them often gives ambiguous errors or the functionality... Read More...
ASP.NET MVC 3 and Custom Extensions
Sunday, August 8, 2010 3:03 PM
When playing with the latest ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview 1 bits, some people have mentioned their dislike of the . cshtml extension used for the “razor” view engine that comes with ASP.NET MVC 3 and also WebMatrix . Well there are a number of ways you can change this. For the purposes of learning and tinkering, I decided to try and register a new view engine using... Read More...
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ASP.NET v4 Presentation Deck and Demo’s
Friday, October 2, 2009 1:13 PM
My ASP.NET v4 New Features overview presentation that I delivered at Sydney Deep .Net User Group ( ) is available for download here ( ). Note: If the above link returns a 404 error, please try here instead. It covers almost every single new feature that will be covered in ASP.NET v4 in the next release... Read More...
ASP.NET MVC and IE8 WebActivities
Friday, March 14, 2008 12:23 PM
One of the great things in readify is the ability to do Professional Development at scheduled intervals to keep up to speed with the latest industry technologies and advancements. My latest foray into this (amongst other things) has been looking at the ASP.NET MVC framework and Internet Explorer 8 WebActivities . Both of these technologies are quite cool and... Read More...
Web Client Software Factory and Enterprise Library. I want to Opt-in, not Opt-out.
Monday, May 28, 2007 12:34 AM
I am a fan of the Web Client Software factory . Its a pretty good implementation of the MVP pattern within ASP.NET. Pretty lean and clean and doesn't involve lots of effort to get the simple stuff done, unlike a lot of other MVC based implementations/frameworks. One of the things I don't like about it is the automatic inclusion of the Enterprise Library pieces... Read More...
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Website update with AJAX, WPF Password Manager, and Web Client Factory
Saturday, March 10, 2007 6:32 PM
Couple of things in this post. Firstly (and long overdue), I have updated my personal website to get rid of the Atlas CTP functionality and replace that with ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 features. There is not much actually a few update panels, and the inclusion of an AJAX Control toolkit control, the Accordion on the front page to help with useability and screen real estate... Read More...
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