ASP.NET Podcast Show #83 - Writing a Custom AJAX Extender

Here is a videocast I did that shows you how to create a custom Extender control using the Microsoft ASP.Net AJAX Extensions. This will be the first of a series of video casts on custom ASP.Net AJAX controls. The next one will deal with extender controls using the AJAX Control toolkit and contrast the different approaches. The next one may deal with ScriptControls and so on.

This videocast will create a very basic extender control from scratch but will leave you with enough of the basics to fashion your own complex custom extender controls. Enjoy.

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Download files: 

Creating an Extender 

Show Notes:

  • Creating Custom Extender Controls
  • Difference between ScriptControl and ExtenderControl
  • Embedding script resources
  • ServerSide and ClientSide components
  • Linking the two together





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