ASP.NET Podcast - Show #94 - WCF, Client Side

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In this show, I talk about WCF and some implications of usage patterns on client side performance. In particular:

  • Usage Patterns in WCF
  • General performance
    • WCF and WSE/ASMX
    • Client engagement around WCF/WSE
  • Static re-use of the proxy – ASP.NET application pattern
  • Not re-creating the proxy
  • WCF Proxy/Channel pool
  • Performance Gains

Wally also talks about:

  • The podcast sit and upcoming changes.
  • Trip to Florida.
  • Talking in Knoxville.
  • Book Status.
  • Non Technical:
    • Marketing.
    • Contracts.


  • How does your article on WCF proxy pooling fits in Load balancing environment? Will the channel pool coupled to a specific server?

  • Yes, its just an object pool that is pooled on one specific server. 2 servers, 2 different pools. It doesn't require any real synchronisation in terms of a we farm. Just like a thread pool, it utilises the resources of one physical machine only.

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