Fujitsu T900 and Fingerprint Sensor Problems

Not so long ago, I bought a Fujitsu T900 Notebook computer from TegaTech (many thanks to the great service and help I received from Hugo Ortega who runs it).

Anyway, I bought a fairly stock system with 4Gb memory and a 320Gb 5400 rpm HDD. Later I updated to 8Gb memory and a 128Gb SSD with the 320Gb HDD as my secondary drive. This of course meant a full rebuild of Windows 7 and associated drivers and applications.

The rebuild went pretty smoothly but it soon became apparent that some things were not working. One of the most annoying was the fingerprint sensor. I had installed the drivers from the Fujitsu site a few times over.

I saw the ‘Authentic’ device in the Biometric section in Windows Device Manager, and when I went to the ‘Biometric Devices’ in control panel it had a simple message saying:

There were no Biometric devices found on this computer. Try installing some drivers ..” or some such thing. After much hunting around, removing the device, re-installing etc… I have finally got it working and thought I would post how I did it here for others if interested, but also for myself so I don't have to remember what I did.

Its pretty simple though so here goes:

1. Go Windows Device Manager via Control Panel and delete/uninstall the device from the Biometric devices Section.

2. Don't reboot! I don't know why but when I rebooted after uninstalling it and tried this it didn’t work.

3. Right click on the very top node and select ‘Scan for Hardware Changes’

Windows will then detect the device, and search windows update for the drivers. After about 5 minutes it should find the driver and install it.

And that's it. Simple enough but all the installing of drivers from the Fujitsu site didn’t seem to do anything. Perhaps this acted as part of the step for resolution but it didn’t seem to make much different.

At any rate, I am back to logging into windows using my fingerprint.

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