MSFeedsSync - feeds Synchronization has stopped working issue

Recently (and quite randomly I might add), I had an error dialog popup continuously, every 5-10 minutes which read:

"MSFeeds Synchronization has stopped working (2054)"

It was driving me crazy and was unsure how to resolve. There is actually not that much on the net about but this post got me going in the right direction.

Basically, I first disabled the service by typing at the command prompt:

msfeedssync disable

Then I deleted all my files (which included many feeds I was no longer using) from the following dir:


then re-enabled the feeds service by typing:

msfeedssync enable

And all was good again.


  • Hi Glavs,

    I have same problem but cant get rid on it.

    When I send/receiv ; it show me two erros.
    1. 'Synchronization to RSS Feed:"" has failed.
    2. 'Outlook cannot download the RSS content from because of a problem connecting to the server. An OLE registration error occurred.

    I search lots on this but everything leads me to same point. For 2nd erro there is some command which register the OLE , I did that but still same problem. and for 1st I applied your suggession, still my problem is not get solved.

    What I assume is.... it was working fine before I install IE8, once I installed IE8 it start giving this error. I removed IE8, then IE7 ... do lots of RND but not able to solve problem.

    Can you help me out?

    My Env is:
    OS: 2003 Standard Edition
    Outlook : 2007
    IE: now its IE7


  • Fixed my problem, thanks.

    Very annoying as mine was on a MCE PC and popped up every 5 minutes while I was watching TV!

  • I am getting this error message before I have access to my dashboard. At this point I can not do any thing. If you know how to get around this please let me know.

  • *NONE* of the above works---this error began popping up for the first time THIS DAY 28Mar2010, every 60 seconds, with a box that says "Windows Is Searching For A Solution..." but it NEVER finds that solution.
    That "Windows Is Searching For A Solution..." never EVER finds a solution for ANY Error Message.
    ***WHY ???***
    *What* is this and why is it here?
    WHAT does it mean ?
    *WHERE* did this come from and *HOW* do I make it stop and *never* return ?

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