Readify Developer Network gets launched

I have been sick and out of action lately, and one of the things that has transpired during this period is the launch of the Readify Developer Network - RDN.

Greg Low does a great job of explaining it in detail in his post, but here is a quick snippet of what its all about.

Its basically a series of webcast like high quality presentations delivered by readify staff in all major cities that is designed to build presentation skills and at the same time provide a valuable service to the community. Kinda like hitting 2 birds with one stone.

Each fortnight, there will be a Readify Developer Network event in each of the main cities. In fact our current plans are for there to be two of these in each town, to cater for audiences with different attendance needs.

As I mentioned, Greg Low does a great job of describing the details, particularly how this complements and fits in with existing user groups in all major cities.

Did I mention its all free....? Please take the time to check it out.

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