RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007 not working

There have been many posts bemoaning the RSS support in Outlook 2007 and I generally agree, however the convenience of having it nicely searchable in Outlook 2007 is a massive bonus for so I have lived with all the other issues.

However, lately all my feeds have stopped updating. I looked at this post but all seemed ok on my system. All services running and registry as expected. I was using Darren Neimke's blog as part of my problem diagnosis and after much playing, I think I have found what is happening. It took me a little while as all the posts seemed to be in date order, but I was plainly missing some latest posts. Here is a view of what I am seeing.


Hopefully you can in the image that the latest post is 1st June 2007, then most other posts start at 31st January 2007 and go back fro there. Looking at the bottom of the list, I can see this:

You can see the last post in the list "A way to build .NET 3.5 Applications......" and its date is 01/01/2007. My auto-archive is set to delete items older than about a month so these get deleted. However, this entry *IS* the latest post.

This seems to be occurring on every single feed. Any suggestions as to why this is happening would be very welcome. Right now, I am exporting my feed list as an OPML and searching for another good reader. I have used RSS Bandit ad a few others which are good but dont satisfy my "searchability" and "convenience" requirements. ie. I'd like to use Vista desktop search to find what I want.


  • Hi Glav,

    I can probably explain the issue with the post of mine. I originally posted it to the blog then deleted it and reposted to the TFS Now blog - maybe Outlook knew to delete it as well?

  • The issue is that the date from the rss is not correctly read.

    As an alternative I recommend you Omea Reader or Pro (also free now) from Jetbrains There also coming with search capabilities and read correctly dates.

  • lkempe,

    It seems odd that it suddenly stopped working whereas it used to work fine. Additionally, ALL feeds have this issue, not just one. Its hard to imagine every feed having a bad date format, given they are all using varying blog engines. I'll check out the product from Jetbrains though, thanks for the tip.

  • Hey,
    I've had the same problem..rss in outlook was working fine until 3 weeks it randomly picks up blog entries.

  • I have the same issue on/off. Outlook will stop updating the feeds for a few days, then it will start doing it without any changes on my end.

  • What I'm seeing with specific RSS feeds is that they ALL are being dated (timestamp) with a January month. So, feeds comming in today Friday, December 28th, 2007 are being posted as Sunday, January 28th, 2007. This happening with specific feeds like FoxNewsOnline, but coincidently NOT MSNBC Headline News.

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