XBox 360 120Gb Hard Disk

So I got me a 120Gb hard disk for my XBox 360 for my birthday a few days ago. Its pretty sweet and came with a transfer cable and software to migrate all my stuff from the 20Gb unit to my 120Gb unit. It feels quite a bit faster too. The demo's I have all seem to load a lot faster.

Nice. Now I can download to my hearts content and not have to continually clean up the drive.

I thoroughly recommend the unit.

I also got a new game called Overlord. Awesome fun. I get to command a horde of evil minions to do my bidding. Its a blast.


  • Hi do you know where i can get the software to transfer my data to my 120gb drive have lead but no disk(got on ebay) any ideas, thanks mike.

  • I would guess that you'd have to request it from Microsoft. Even if you could grab the software itself, you'd have to make a 360 bootable DVD from it.

  • do a search for a Xbox 360 Hard Drive Docking Station - you can transfer files from HD or Mem card to your computer and back n' forth with it.

  • How would one migrate data from a 120GB HDD to a 120GB HDD. I too had an original XBOX 360 with a 20GB HDD and picked up a 120GB upgrade with transfer kit. A few months later my original XBOX 360 died with the three red lights of death so I exchanged this under warranty through Best Buy for an XBOX 360 Elite. Now I want to transfer all of this data over to the 120GB HDD that came with the Elite since it matched in color. I contacted XBOX support and they say it is impossible, but there has to be a way to do this since these are IDE drives connected via a USB cable.

    When I connect the 120GB HDD to my Windows Vista computer, the drivers are successfully loaded, but the drive is not assigned a physical drive letter. I thought of using Norton Ghost if I can get the drives recognized and assigned a physical drive letter.

    Any information is appreciated.


  • David, why wouldn't you just plug in your other 120Gb hard disk rather than trying to transfer everything?

  • does the color of the hard drive do any thing?

    beause i wanna buy a black one for my regulal xbox 360

  • I bought a 120 gig hard drive in the US earlier this year. Carried it back home and hooked-up everything. Then popped the driver disc in only to learn that it's region coded. I've got a Japanese NTSC-J 360 premium and so I can't use the driver disc to migrate all my old files. My 20GB drive is now almost full and I would really like to get my hands on the drivers to (finally) use my 120GB drive. Any idea how to get the software online?

    P.S. Why the hell would they region code a bloody driver disc? Shame on you MS!

  • i think that 360 have 120GB Hard drive for in future they makes a better gamong console with new softwares and emulators like as original xbox.

    my real think is that they launched iso loader in future so it have 120GB hard drive

  • Hi

    I have the same problem as Karl. I have a South Africa region xbox and bought the 120gb in the States now the disk won't work. Microsoft gave me the finger when I asked them for a disk for my region. Anyone know where I could get a region 2 dvd installation disk ?


  • I have changed my xbox 360 hard disk to a 250 gb one for only $98. It's easy! I also changed my playstation 3 hard disk from 40 gb to 160 gb for only $69, even easier than 360. They both use the same style of notebook/laptop drive. both 5400rpm sata 8mb cache 2.5 inch drives. Playstation default brand mostly seagate and xbox 360 is usually fujitsu! My personal preference is for seagate!

  • can you tell me how you did that. i've been trying for ages with no luck so far

  • Fort hose having difficulty with region-encoded DVD's... did you try using DVDDecrypter software + re-burn the DVD without regional encoding to see if that works...? I do this with my Japanese movies all the time and they play great on North American DVD players. But may not be the same as driver disks...

  • Does anyone know if changing the actual hard drive (the laptop size bit) to a much bigger one will affect XBox live?

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