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From Indigo to WCF tool

Ok, my Indigo Proxy Generator is going to be updated to WCF November CTP. I'll change the name to WCF Proxy Generator ;-)

What's new ? From the proxy generator point of view quite nothing, just the code updated to work with the November CTP. The Indigo Service Tester has been posponed until I'll solve several problems with my PropertyGrid ;-)

In the new package I'll add something that I hope you'll find interesting: WCF Unit Test Wizard. That is a Unit Test project (yes, available with Visual Studio Team System/Developer/Tester) which generates the code (proxy class, configuration and test class) to run tests on WCF services. I'm still studying the VS extensions to run a new test project type correctly, I hope to have a first beta next month.

If you ideas or suggestions, please send them to me. Thanks.

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