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  • Goodbye 2008

    Too many things I've done in this whole year, and how about you?

    And too many things Microsoft bring to you, and How about you?

    So the new year, please make it more and more than this year.

    Here check out Nikhilk's blog for some topics to ready before ending of 2008.

    Happy New Year 2009.






  • <Merry> Christmas </Merry>

    Hey, Sorry this is not a coding tip. </Header>


    <Image src="" mce_src="Merry Christmas">

    It's almost 2days left for Christmas Day, and also a week left for New Year.So what have you done for this full year?What are you going to do next?

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, try your best to get the most in next year.Be smart, Be Faster, Be Carefully, Be succeed.
    Please have a nice holiday time.




  • Photosynth in Silverlight

    I think you may already know about Photosynth, It's the new and extreme tech to collect simple photos and combine together to make its 3D look.Since it is so great, but you need to install Photosynth Viewer in order to view it, more than that, Photosynth uses Flash for its space view.Too many questions asking that, Microsoft Create a new Flash Competitor, Silverlight. Silverlight is the RIAs for new choice.But why Microsoft don't use Silverlight in Photosynth? The answer is, because Photosynth was starting to dig maybe before or same time of Silverlight.And one more thing, Silverlight is new and just still in Beta ( in the time of PhotoSynth announced in beta ), so, They choose flash because flash is more stable than.But now, Silverlight is in Final Release, so why Photosynth can't be in Silverlight?

    Here, Photosynth come to Silverlight, much easier to view, no need to install Photosynth Viewer, all you need is Silverlight Runtime.

    Photosynth in SilverlightCheck it out at