Image Map control

Tags: .NET

If you can't wait Asp.Net 2.0 for an image map control, you can download this one (shareware)

Image Map Features

The image map controls allow you to define hot spots on an image and perform an action when a defined area is clicked. A Windows Forms and a web server image map control are included. Each contains a similar core set of features:

  • All of the standard image types are supported (BMP, JPEG, GIF, etc).
  • Support for animation is included for those image types that use it such as GIF.
  • The image's display height and width can be customized.
  • Image areas can be defined using rectangles, circles, or polygons of any shape defined by a set of points.
  • Tab order and validation events are supported.
  • Image areas can be triggered by clicking on them with the mouse or by tabbing to them and hitting the Enter key.
  • Image areas support a Tag property so that you can associate user-defined information with each image area.
  • Both provide full design-time support including a graphical image area selection tool that saves you from having to manually determine and type in the area coordinates.


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