Exclude files in VS 2005 Beta 2

Tags: .NET

How do I 'Exclude Files From Project' in VS 2005?  I have a solution that requires files to exists in the directory structure but not be compiled.

Where has this functionality moved to?  Also, what happened to the 'Show All Files' option?



  • Robert McLaws said

    It depends on what kind of project you have. With the new directory-based web project model, I don't think you can exclude files anymore. You can, however, if you create a solution (doesn't happen by default), or work with a Windows project/class library.

  • Erik Porter said

    Are you using Beta 2? That's what I'm using and they're in the same places they were in 2003. Show All Files being a button at the top of the Solution Explorer and Exclude from Project when you right mouse click on a file in the Solution Explorer

  • Dag H. Baardsen said

    The thing is, you can't do this in web project at all. This is a big issue on the wish list on lab.msdn.microsoft.com - so you can vote for the functionality to come back (as it was there in VS 2003)!

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