INDA - Event Reminder - INDIGO - presented by Paul Fallon

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It's about time to register for our next event . Indeed every developer is concerned by INDIGO.
This technology cover everything which was provided as separate entities.

Ireland .Net Developers Alliance next meeting happens next week on the 3rd of May - 7PM in the Buswell's Hotel 23-26 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

After the session, food and drinks will be provided in the lounge.

     presented by
     Paul Fallon



In this session, Paul Fallon will provide an introduction to Indigo, Microsoft’s upcoming unified programming model for building distributed applications that are service oriented. Paul will provide an overview of Indigo's capabilities, including security, reliable messaging, and transaction support; as well as some of the key concepts on how to build service oriented applications today and prescriptive guidance to using ASMX, WSE, Enterprise Services, .NET Remoting and MSMQ.

Speaker: Paul Fallon

Start Time: 19:00
Location: Buswells Hotel

Paul Fallon currently works as an independent consultant based in Dublin, Ireland. He focuses on providing advice and guidance on building distributed systems on the Microsoft platform. He provides assistance to customers through all parts of the development lifecycle in the form of technical workshops, architecture reviews, proof’s of concepts, project seeding and troubleshooting. Since 2000, he has been working with .NET, developing solutions with XML, Web Services and Enterprise Services and prior to being an early adopter of .NET he developed solutions with VC++, ATL, MFC and COM. Today, Paul focuses on software architecture, service orientation, 64bit computing and the path to Indigo, and assists developers and architects to leverage the .NET platform to its fullest. Paul can be contacted through his blog (, where he blogs about current and future Microsoft developer technologies.


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