Visual Studio 2005: What's Coming for Windows Mobile Developers

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SQL Mobile SQL Mobile – Integration and Integration and Synchronization

  • Better Integration with SQL Server 2005
    • SQL Workbench Integration SQL Workbench Integration
    • DTS Integration DTS Integration
  • Bulk Copy Program file consumption
  • Managed Synchronization API access
    • Manipulate data in merge replication scenarios before it is stor Manipulate data in merge replication scenarios before it is stored in the ed in the database database
  • Download-only Articles support
    • Reduced metadata Reduced metadata
  • Partitioned (Filtered) Articles support
  • Multiple subscriptions
  • Synchronization progress status
  • Column-level tracking
  • Configurable compression levels

SQL Mobile – Reliability and Reliability and Performance

  • Revamped storage engine
  • True ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation,durability) support
  • Auto-shrink support for unused data pages
  • Improved query processor
    • Cost Cost-based optimization based optimization
    • Show Plan and Query Hints Show Plan and Query Hints
      • Overriding query optimizer when you know better
  • Multi Multi-user access user access
  • Row-level locking

SQL Mobile SQL Mobile – Visual Studio 2005 Integration

  • Ability to create SQL Mobile databases within the VS environment
  • Support for exporting data definitions from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Mobile


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