Aerocool - Access front panel for your PC

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Just received today my new toy for my home PC Aerocool.

Easy to install, and it's great to have an easy access from the front, no more crawling behind the desk to plug this damn USB stuff.

Check TekHeads if you want to buy one in UK or Ireland.


8 in 1 card reader reads and write SM/SD/MMC/MS/MS-Pro/MS-Pro Duo/CF/MD Pentium class PC with USB support
Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP
Windows 98/98SE download driver
Monitors and controls fan speeds and temperatures
Adjustable alarm temperature
Warning alarm sounds when overheating or abnormal conditions occur
Allows you to choose either Celcius or Fahrenhei
Blue and red backlight (Blue - normal / Red - overheating or abnormal conditions occur)
LCD animated fan rotation
Dimensions: 148(W) x 42(H) x 70(D)
Input voltage: +12V , +5V
Port Qty Port Qty Port Qty
Line in/Line out/Mic 1 SATA 2 MM card socket 1
USB 2 3-Pin connector 2 MS socket 1
IEEE 1394 1 SM card socket 1 MS-Pro socket 1
Video 1 SD card socket 1 CF / MD card socket 1


  • Dennis van der Stelt said

    I hope you can throw USB 2.0 through these. ;)

    I had one of these in the past, for a week or so. Had an Asus motherboard and you could order this bay with it. But it had way to few buttons and the display kinda sucked and the color was very different from my case. So I returned it. But this thing is looking really nasty!

    I also love these things where you can set the fan speed yourself! And an exit for sound and video is awesome as well!

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