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Call to Developers, Developers, Developers:

It seems that an official petition (I still don't like the word but what else can I use) for a VS 2005 Beta 3 exist.

Clint Stotesbery has posted the request on the Feedback Center. Of course I voted and I encourage anyone to do the same!

We need to show to Microsoft that we want not only a good product but something built in respect with all the good faith and energy we put in our projects since three years. In one word we want o be proud of .Net 2.0!

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From the feedback page by Clint:

Problem Statement:
Opened by Clint Stotesbery on 2005-08-11 at 16:30:47
There are still way too many bugs and performance issues. Too many issues get resolved as Postponed. A lot of changes are happenning in the CTPs. I'm guessing not many people are using the CTPs compared to beta 2. Most developers don't have time to play around with a CTP that doesn't have a Go Live license. I'd rather have a good product 6 months from now than a mediocre one in 3 months.

Proposed Solution:

Put out a Beta 3 release at the end of September with a Go Live license for VS Team Suite, VS Standard/Pro, TFS, etc. Push back RTM if you have to. RTM December 31st or push it to 2006 (just keep the 2005 name then, no big deal).

Yes, people will complain about changing release dates but it isn't like this will be the first time. Developers won't care about when the RTM date was a few months after RTM if the product is full of bugs.



  • Clint said

    Everyone feel free to leave comments at the feedback page on why they think there should be a beta 3. I just started the dialog but I need everyone to pitch in.

  • Darren Neimke said

    Hi Paschal,

    I've always been a metrics guy :-) so, when I see things such as this:

    >> "There are still way too many bugs
    >> and performance issues"

    I have to ask, is there a list somewhere? Especially the performance issues.

  • Frans Bouma said

    Too bad there are 2 things mentioned in the petition:
    1) a beta 3
    2) fix more bugs and move release date if necessary.

    I don't agree with 1) because it will take time to polish up a beta3, which can better be used to fix bugs for the RTM.
    I DO agree with 2) though, and hate every second of that cheerio-mode all the marketing puppets at Microsoft are in now. Having a shipdate doesn't mean the product is done at that date. They simply don't realize that having a crappy IDE because a lot is postponed (and will never be fixed, they don't release service packs for vs.net) is very BAD.

  • Ron said

    Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 should be the first major release. Microsoft should be focusing on making VS 2005 Beta 1 solid with minor enhancements. Having a predictable solid product is more important than trying to cram in excessive functionality that is error prone and has performance issues.

    VS 2005 Beta 2 features should be changed to VS 2006.

  • TOm255 said

    VC++ Express Edition
    TODO1: fix the bug with adding new include\libs directories
    TODO2: make enable the "DLL Library" function in wizard

    Express Editions should be free!!!

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