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  • Useful Extension methods

    Tags: C#

    In this article, Brian examines extension methods and how they can be used with .NET Framework applications. He begins with a short introduction and then provides a detailed explanation of the … more

  • Useful Generic array functions

    Tags: C#

    The standard .NET Framework offers quite a few generic functions to munipulate arrays, however there are some functionalities where extra code will be needed such as Appending to the array, removing … more

  • Another C# Legacy HTML parser using Tag processing.

    Tags: C#

    This article presents a simple HTML parser library developed for an automated application. The parser mainly detects tag syntax and it can collect a tag pair as a group. The parser was intended … more

  • Database local cache

    Tags: C#

    You are developing a desktop application for managing a fitness center. The members information is of course to be stored in a database, so you define a "Members" table with fields such as name, … more

  • Understanding Interfaces in C#

    Tags: C#

    Interfaces are a very useful tool built into C#. In this article Brendan explains the basics of how interfaces work and for what they may be used. He explains how to create simple custom interfaces … more

  • A tutorial on nested classes in C#

    Tags: C#

    In this short tutorial Chetan Kudalkar is going to discuss nested classes. Nested classes are classes within classes. Read more...   more

  • C# 3.0 Intro

    Tags: C#

    If you want to know more about the future of C# check Ayende contribution here.  more

  • An Aqua Button Control Written in C# for .Net

    Tags: .NET, C#

    Cool project! Done without even WPF! Using this, control bitmaps are created "on the fly" according to the attributes of the control. Colour, Height, Width, Font Size and Text. The … more