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  • Useful Extension methods

    In this article, Brian examines extension methods and how they can be used with .NET Framework applications. He begins with a short introduction and then provides a detailed explanation of the application of extension methods with the help of source code in C#.

  • Useful Generic array functions

    The standard .NET Framework offers quite a few generic functions to munipulate arrays, however there are some functionalities where extra code will be needed such as Appending to the array, removing an element from the array, or removing all elements that fall under a condition.

  • Database local cache

    You are developing a desktop application for managing a fitness center. The members information is of course to be stored in a database, so you define a "Members" table with fields such as name, birth date, telephone, and the like. But your happiness ends when you are faced with the requirement of recording the member's photo together with the rest of the data. Then the second most trascendental question in human history (right after the meaning of life) comes to your mind: Should I store the photo in the database for the sake of data consistency, or in the local filesystem for the sake of performance?

  • Understanding Interfaces in C#

    Interfaces are a very useful tool built into C#. In this article Brendan explains the basics of how interfaces work and for what they may be used. He explains how to create simple custom interfaces and how to implement them.